Welcome to Talking About Cannabis, where there is big changes afoot.

This website is now in the process of being re-designed, re-written and generally re-done. I really want this website to remain online and act as an educated, reliable resource for people looking for more information, help and discussion on the subject of cannabis use.

I hope after the website is done and you have had a good look around that you will be in my camp, which is that cannabis has a negative impact on most peoples lives and should be avoided. However don’t think that this website will be completely one sided, I plan on laying out both sides of the debate and allowing people that are for cannabis to have their say. I will also be interviewing cannabis users to get their views.

Why am I doing this. Well cannabis has had a negative impact on my life and I have seen it negatively affect others. I realise that there may be some medical applications where it can be beneficial but I think in general and for most people it is a negative force in their life. I know lots of people will disagree and seek to disprove what I say on here but there will be no scaremongering or “demonising” cannabis on here. Just simple, reasoned arguments that hopefully you agree with.

So stay tuned for the new website, its a lot of work and I dont get paid for it so I have to do it when I can. In the mean time feel free to browse around what content is left from the old website. Once the new site is up I will send an email around the current users and see what everyone thinks.


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